Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: So your "job" is to travel the world and play music for people? What's that like?

A: Living in hotels has its perks. I really enjoy meeting new people while they are traveling. Everyone has a story to tell and every great song has a story inside it.

Q: Wow. How do I get that job?

A: I came to this job because it suits me. I love it. I'm passionate about songcraft, the piano, jazz, hospitality, different cultures, pathways, alleys, old things new again and new things yet to be made. But I didn't always know who I was, it took time. If you have a job that you wish you didn't have and you don't do it for your family you should turn back right now and go no further. "To thine own self be true". Life is short my friend, you should be doing what you love.

Q: Do you play that song by that guy "pianoman"?

A: Sure do, how much you got?

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