New Barbershop Harmony On The Streets Of New York


We should have more singing in this world. I am making street performance art to that end. Here is the vision: 

How awesome would it be to turn a corner in New York City this spring and find a fantastic barbershop quartet harmonizing? Would it not be more awesomer still to learn that that quartet was singing new original songs composed by the members of that group? Yes!

This project’s creator Derrek Wayne is a gold medallist champion singer in the Barbershop Harmony Society, an international organization founded in the United States to promote the incredible joy of a cappella vocal harmony. 

Famous American choir nerd Deke Sharon calls Barbershop Quartet Harmony the “martial arts of a cappella”. Derrek has been studying the art for more than a decade. 

Composing AND arranging AND performing barbershop quartet harmony music is rarely done these days. This aspect is truly unique to this project. Derrek would like this project to shine like a beacon to others and signal that it CAN AND SHOULD BE DONE.

The money will be used:

1. To pay the composer arranger for his time:
- writing the songs
- arranging the songs
- learning, performing and recording the learning tracks
- scheduling and running rehearsals

2. To pay the performers for their time learning the songs and performing them.


1. (At The) Four Part Harmony Ragtime Society Summertime Jubilee Ball

A big, modern, key-center modulating uptune.

2. Anywhere

A simple art song with a big hook. Frequent use of ritardando.

3. Annadel

A lilting tale of talking to a child. Frequent use of rubato and time-signature changes.