Goodbye Dixie Indeed

Here is The Westminster Chorus performing an old Vaudeville song about Dixie that was made popular in America a long time ago by some people who are dead now.

It's a nice enough song I guess but we Barbershopers should give this tune and others like this a rest. The lyrics are basically about loyalty to Dixie, which The Westminster Chorus (a bunch of SoCal dudes) really have no business rep'ing, despite how well the melody swings and the rubato embellishments juxtapose oh so very nicely.

Let's sing new songs about real stuff. Here's a song I wrote that is musically similar to Goodbye Dixie Goodbye. It's about a experience every Barbershoper has had - singing in the vestibules, lobbies and foyers after a show. The assertion of the lyric boils down to a statement of lighthearted unity - that everyone really comes to these things for the after party. It's called We Came For The Chords In The Lobby.

I'm still learning how to arrange harmony well, but hey the melody and lyrics are solid - it's got good bones.